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Roland Whitehead

Roland Whitehead has designed the 40 Fires website and is part of the team leading the development of the foundation.

He is a former racing yacht designer (Little America's Cup '87, America's Cup '91), product designer (PA Consulting, Mortimer Technology), award winning (Guardian/KPMG PC Rewards, Information Society Computer Awards) IT management consultant (Continuum ID, Beaufort Management Consultants), and award winning CIO at Bonhams auctioneers (2006 ComputerWorld Honors Program, 2006 InfoWorld CTO 25, 2007 ComputerWorld Premier 100) Roland Whitehead founded software design, development and support shop Quru Ltd in 2007 after seven years of using technology to drag an 18th century auction house back to profit. Roland is a design, a technology and a business leader and passionately believes in empowering people through the delivery of cost effective, human scale, appropriate technology. He is married to furniture designer Katie Walker and lives in West Sussex. Born: 30 May 1964. Educ: Eton, Southampton University (Ship Science), Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering), Royal College of Art (Industrial Design).

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