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Patrick Andrews

A former solicitor, Patrick Andrews is a partner in Riversimple LLP and helped set up 40 Fires. He has been involved with the project since 2004.

Patrick previously spent many years as a corporate lawyer specialising in cross-border transactions. He worked notably in the aerospace industry with Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc and in retailing with Kingfisher plc, where he helped establish the first B&Q stores in China and Turkey. Since 2002 he has been independent, pursuing his interest in new emerging business structures while working with a broad range of small and medium-sized businesses. He is fascinated by the way the structure of an organisation affects its behaviour and has been instrumental in shaping the unique governance structure of Riversimple, which balances the interests of all stakeholders.

Patrick lives in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK with his wife and son. He prefers cycling in the forest to driving cars and grows vegetables in the garden. He is actively involved with his local Transition group.

Patrick is a director of the ETA Trust Limited, promoting sustainable transport - see www.eta.co.uk

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