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Adam Brett

Adam Brett is a trustee of 40 Fires. He is an entrepreneur with private sector experience working with SME businesses in Africa, Asia and Britain since the early 1990s. Originally trained as an economist, his businesses are all pro-poor Fairtrade, focusing on production and processing of basic food commodities such as dried fruits and nuts. Adam's British business, Fullwell Mill Ltd won the Worldaware World Vision award in 1999, the Natwest Social Business Award in 2003, and came seventh in the British Government's “Inner City 100” as one of the fastest growing SME business in Britain in 2005. Adam's Ugandan business, Fruits of the Nile won a prestigious Ashden Award for Renewable Energy in 2008. As well as running his own businesses Adam has consulted for organisations like DFID, Natural Resources International the Aga Khan Foundation, Commonwealth Secretariat & others.

Adam is a keen software programmer and believes that modern information technologies are a key to positive development, opening doors for disadvantaged producers by making knowledge available everywhere on the planet. He uses these technologies in all the businesses he develops.

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